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Publishing Guidelines

NB* All paid listings will be published immediately. Your business must be located in Jamaica or directly provide products and services to Jamaica in order for it to be published. Any paid listing that is published and does not relates to Jamaica will be removed from this website and a refund initiated.

In order to keep this website current and relevant, reserved the right to remove from its website any listing for any business or website, paid or free, that after our investigations, has found to be non-operational and/or domain name registration has expired for more than six (6) months.

1. does not support the breach of the Copyright Law and will not be responsible for any advertiser who is in breach of said law. Any listing that is found to be in breach of this law will be removed immediately.

2. Listings must not contain any profanities, sexual explicit content or images, discriminating to any group or person or inciting violence.

3. Listings must not contain any direct affiliate links neither should there be any cloaking of affiliate link in any domain name.

4. Only basic information will be displayed for basic listings. Information allowed for basic listings are: (i) Business Name (ii) Business Description (iii) Geo-Map) (iv) Two Images (v) Email Address (vi) Business Hours.

5. Information given on products and services must be accurate. Links must lead to the specific web page of products or services that you are recommending. We encourage Advertisers to give first hand information of products and services they are promoting.

6. Marketing Team reserved the rights to change your listing to a more suitable category than the original.

7. is an advertising network. We reserved the rights to publish advertisements on the same page as your blogs.

8. reserved the rights to change and/or update our publishing guidelines without notice.

9. You agree that in submitting your listings to be published on website, that your listings maybe distributed to RSS feeds, other partner ezines and email alerts to other members and subscribers.

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